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Standardized Herbal Extracts

Standardized Herbal Extracts
Standardized Herbal Extracts
Product Code : HE 02
Product Description
Product NameSpecificationsMain Uses
Acacia catechu
Acacia heartwood, Katha

Catechins NLT 70% by HPLC Antioxidant
Adhatoda vasica
Vasicine 1% by HPLC Cough suppressant, Bronchodilator
Albizzia lebbeck
Polyphenols 20% by Spectrophotometry Anti-allergic
Andrographis paniculata
Andrographolide 10-30% by HPLC Cold and flu, Liver support
Asparagus racemosus
Shatavarin 1.5-4% by HPTLC General tonic, Immune health
Azadirachta indica
Bitters upto 8% by Gravimetry Anti-bacterial, Blood sugar management
Bacopa monnieri
Nir Brahmi, Bacopa
Bacosides A&B 10-50% by HPLC , 10% Bacosides (Debitterized) Memory enhancer
Boswellia serrata
Salai guggul, Frankincense
Boswellic acids 50-75% by Titrimetry AKBA 10-30% by HPLC Anti-inflammatory, Joint health
Camellia sinensis
Green Tea
Polyphenols upto 95% by UV, NLT 60% Catechins, NLT 45% EGCG by HPLC Antioxidant
Cassia angustifolia
Sennosides 10% -45% by Spectrophotometry Laxative
Centella asiatica
Gotu kola
Asiaticosides 10-40% by HPLC Memory Support, Nervine tonic
Cissus quadrangularis
3-Ketosteroles 5% by Gravimetery Bone health
Coffee arabica
Green Coffee
Chlorogenic acids 40%-60% by HPLC Anti-oxidant, Stimulant
Coleus forskohlii
Forskolin 10-40% by HPLC Sports Nutrition, Fat burner
Commiphora mukul
Guggulsterones 2.5% by HPLC Cholesterol lowering
Curcuma longa
Turmeric, Curcumin
Curcuminoids 95% by UV/HPLC Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Food colorant
Eclipta alba
Wedelolactone 1% by HPLC Hepatoprotective, Hair Care Anti-inflammatory
Emblica officinalis
Tannins min 50% by Spectrophotometry Immune health Antioxidant, Adaptogen, Rejuvenating agent
Garcinia cambogia
Calcium salt
(-) Hydroxycitric acid 50-60% by HPLC Weight management
Garcinia cambogia
Potassium salt water soluble
(-) Hydroxycitric acid 40% by HPLC Weight management
Garcinia cambogia
Magnesium salt water soluble
(-) Hydroxycitric acid 40%,50%&70% by HPLC Weight management
Garcinia cambogia
Calcium-Potassium water soluble
(-)Hydroxycitric acid 50%,60%,70% by HPLC Weight management
Garcinia mangostana
Mangostin upto 40% by HPLC Weight management, Anti-oxidant
Glycyrrhiza glabra
Liquorice, Mulethi
Glycyrrhizin 5%-20% by HPLC Natural sweetener, Antitussive, Anti-inflammatory
Gymnema sylvestris
Gymnemic acids 25%-75% by Gravimetry Blood sugar management
Hypericum perforatum
St.John`s Wort
Hypericine 0.3% by HPLC Antidepressant, Anxiety remover
Lagerstroemia speciosa
Corosolic acid 1%-2% by HPLC Blood sugar management, Weight management
Momordica charantia
Bitter gourd, Karela
Total bitters 3%-8% by Gravimetry Blood sugar management
Morus alba
Mulberry water soluble
1 DNJ Blood sugar management
Mucuna pruriens
L-Dopa 10%-40% by HPLC Sexual health ,Support in Parkinsons
Ocimum sanctum
Basil, Tulsi
Ursolic acid 2% by HPTLC Antistress, Blood sugar management, Rejuvenating agent
Pedalium murex
Bada gokhru
Saponins 30% by Gravimetery Sexual Health,Urinary Health
Phaseolus vulgaris
White Kidney Bean
10000IU Weight Management
Piper nigrum
Black Pepper
Piperine 20%-95% by HPLC Bioavailability enhancer
Psidium guajava
Guava leaf
Polyphenols 30% by UV Anti-hangover, Hepatoprotecive
Saw palmetto
Serenoa repens
Fatty acids 25%,45% & 85% by GC Prostate Health, Male Baldness
Sesamum indicum
Sesame seed
Sesamin & Sesamolin 70%-90% by HPLC Anti-oxidant,Weight Management, Cholestrol Management
Shilajit, Mineral Pitch, Ashphaltum
Fulvic acids 35%-50% by Gravimetry, DBP 0.1% by HPLC Sexual Health, Anti-aging, Adaptogen, Anti-oxidant
Silybum marianum
Silymarin,Milk thistle
Silymarin 35%,70%,80% by UV Hepatoprotective
Tribulus terrestris
Chota gokhru, Tribulus
Saponins 40-60% by Gravimetry Sexual health ,Sports nutrition
Trigonella foenum graceum
Fenugreek, Methi
Saponins 40-60% by Gravimetry, Protodioscin 10%-30% by HPLC Blood sugar management, Cholesterol lowering, Sexual Health, Sports nutrition
Withania somnifera
Withanolides 1.5%, 2.5%, 5% by HPLC Immune health Adaptogen,Antistress

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